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On 28. July 1968 a studygroup lead by Dr. Moh. Djoko Waspodo, Dr. Rachmadi Djoko Suwignjo und Moh. Hadimulyo gathered under the name Pencak Silat Nusantara. The rings in the logo (on the left) represent the three founder and symbolize their unity.

All three had studied different styles such as Setia Hati, Minangkabau and other martial arts such as Ju-Jitsu and Karate before founding the study group. Particularly Dr. Rachmadi achieved fame, winning several karate-tournaments in the Seventies. Due to their extensive experience, the three masters developed innovative and better training-methods and – techniques.  After five years of research and development, a new style was developed. It gathered speed, power, elegant movements and traditional positions and combine soft and hard moves. This style is being called Nusantara (Archipel) as all knowledge (basic-elements) derive from all over Indonesia. Nusantara is the old name for Indonesia, from the periode of the kingdom of Majapahit. On 28. July 1973 the study group changed its name to Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara. This style quickly expanded through all regions of Indonesia: Java, Aljeh, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Ambon and Irian Jaya. Later, it also expanded to other countries such as Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Italy, Netherlands and Germany.

Nusantara is based on the Indonesian principle and basic right Pancasila (justice, unity, friendship and equality) as well as the development of ones personality. Every Nusantara is being reminded of this at any time by the Nusantara-Greeting. It expresses that every member of this community is part of our planet. It is Nusantaras aime to support the development and expansion of Nusantara as a sport worldwide at a high quality level.

Due to the new methods of training numerous Nusantara champions were successful in the sport and the martial arts (12 world championships and 11 Sea-Games-champions, currently KPS Nusantara during the national championships in Indonesia won the „Overall Champion Trophy“ as the most successful team). This is a proof of the efficiency of the style. In addition on national and international level several ideas were incorporated in the Pencak Silat official competition rules. Nusantara as one of 350 styles is one of the ten largest Pencak Silat organizations of Indonesia.

Brief history of Nusantara in Germany

After having studied Pencak Silat with masters from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, André Mewis in November 1995 for two months travelled to Jakarta. There he studied with grandmaster Mas. Moh. Hadimulyo personally. Due to his expansive experience and hard training he passed the test for assistant-instructor. In January 1997, André is granted the approval to open his own school and the branch of KPS Nusantara in Berlin. Initially it was organized as Pencak Silat e.V. and since 1999 André Mewis established a training center within his marital arts school (Mewis Dojo).

Members of KPS Nusantara became German, European and Worldchampions.

After 30 years Pancak Silat, the participation in approximately 50 championships (10 worldchampionships and 5 European championships) and the experience of André Mewis as athelete in Tanding (fighting competition) and in Seni (Forms - Tunggal/Single & Ganda/Double), as coach and national coach, as referee (Wasit & Juri) as well as as team-manager, students of KPS Nusantara were able to reach more than 100 placements in international championships in Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.




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